Day 47- Headed Back From Vacation

Today is the last day of our weekend getaway with Kayla.  We pack up the car and head back. Ty and I listen to our “We Don’t Die” podcasts on the way back as we did on the way up. We Don’t Die radio has become our chicken soup for the soul. We listen to many of them together, we discuss almost all of them. We are immersing ourselves in healing positive thoughts with the hope they will take root and grow. Kayla listens occasionally. 

When we arrive home Kayla immediately retreats to her room. As a fellow introvert I get this.  No problem. She joins us later in the evening and observes we have spent four days “just hanging out”.  It’s good. I’m glad she thinks it was good.  Hanging with your parents when you’re 18 might not be so good. The fact that she wanted to take the trip made me happy. The fact she enjoyed it makes me grateful.  

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