Day 47- More Signs?

A couple of days ago someone sent a story to me about dragonflies and how their metamorphosis is a metaphor for our transition from this world to the next. Today on my walk, in Port Clinton, I was hoping for another sign. I don’t want to be greedy or needy. I didn’t ask for anything, but I was looking. I thought it would be really cool to see a dragonfly. I don’t know if they are in Port Clinton, but I did about three miles and didn’t see anything unusual. I found all kinds of feathers while on vacation, but there are lots of seagulls and ducks and geese around. Nothing unusual.

I came home and was hanging the flower basket that had fallen for the second time. I looked down and there was a tiny feather on the deck. People say finding a feather can be a sign. Cool. I picked it up and put it in the box where I am going to keep found things. Now I have a feather and two dimes. I can’t swear I’ve never found a feather on the deck before, but I can say I don’t remember ever finding one.

Later, I was sitting on the couch and looked up to see something fly into the window and fly away. We have lots of birds near our house as we live near a wooded area. This was about the size of a hummingbird, but did not fly like a hummingbird. It just hit gently then flew off. Our windows on the first floor are under a foot deep overhang and we have now had three birds hit them in the last few weeks.

A hour or so later I was sitting on the deck clearing my head and looked up to see my bunny buddy had come out of the woods and was sitting in the neighbor’s yard eating grass. Just then, what appeared to be a dragonfly, flew across my vision from left to right. From where I sit, there is an ash tree and a birch tree that frame my view. The insect flew pretty quickly across the two and I lost sight of it as it disappeared behind the birch. It was too quick for me to be certain it was a dragonfly. I thought “If that was a dragonfly, let it fly back so I can see it again to be sure.” Five to ten seconds later it flew back, this time from right to left. Yes. It was a dragonfly. I exclaimed “Oh my God”.

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