Day 476- A Night With Two Mediums

Six months ago, Tywana and I saw a psychic medium at the local comedy club. The show was amazing. When we found out she would be here again, we committed to coming back a second time. We did not hear from Shayna that first night, but we were convinced the medium is the real deal. Messages came through for probably around a dozen other people.

Last week out of the blue, it hits me that I should check to see when she is coming back. We were talking with some friends and the subject came up. It seemed to me the show is coming up in November, but I got this nudge to check right then. Sure enough, the show is October 28th, not November. Good thing I checked. We have a friend who said she wanted to go with us next time. Tywana contacts her. We’ll wait to hear back from her and all get our tickets at the same time. Then, Saturday, I got the nudge to go ahead and buy the tickets now. Maybe the show will sell out. I don’t want to miss the opportunity. So, I go on-line and I buy two tickets. The seats are not reserved. If our friend wants to go, we can still sit together. I’m feeling like I’ve been led to get these tickets. Maybe it means we will get a reading this time.

The day of the show rolls around. During my meditation, I set the intention for Shayna to show up tonight. The thing about these shows is you have a couple of hundred people in the room and probably a dozen or so get a reading. Practically everyone there has someone they want to hear from whether it’s someone very close or a grandparent. Of course, not everyone has a child they want to hear from. That should take priority, but who am I to say?

We arrrive an hour before show time. We are seated with a couple and it’s clear we’re going to have to make small talk to kill some time. I’m not really interested in sharing Shayna’s passing with them. So, we talk around the specific reasons we are here. They haven’t seen Cindy Kaza before. We, of course, have. We tell them what to expect. On the way in, I find out that Lisa Williams, a psychic medium who has had two television shows, will also be demonstrating tonight. Wow. This is great. She’s supposed to be really good from what the internet has to say. Maybe we’ll hear from Shayna through her.

The guy we’re sitting with reveals that his father has passed within the last year and he’d really like to hear from him. He’s wearing one of his father’s shirts for luck. His wife has a particularly close relationship with her grandfather who has been hanging around the house since his passing making his presence known in various signs. She, of course, wants to hear from him. Tywana shares our story of Shayna’s passing. Then, Tywana spots a woman she knows from Companions on a Journey. She’s one of the group leaders. She has had a daughter pass and she is sitting with a table of women. Presumably, at least some of them have had children transition. So, we know we’re not the only bereaved parents in the room.

7:30 finally comes and the mediums take the stage. They explain the rules. Number 1 rule- CLAIM YOUR PEOPLE. When mediums operate like this they don’t walk up to an audience member and say “Your name is Sally and I have your father Frank here who died on March 31 of lung cancer.”. The messages coming through are usually very general at first and the medium will get a sense of the area of the room the target is sitting in. It’ll be something like “I have an older gentleman here. He is very large. He worked in construction. He poured concrete. It’s someone’s father. He wanted to leave the business to his son. I’m getting the name Dan or Danny or Daniel. Is this for anyone here? No? OK. This table over here. Does this mean anything to you? OK, how about the name Donald?” This is pretty much exacty what Cindy Kaza said last night. This goes on for about five minutes. No one is claiming the person. What’s interesting about Cindy and Lisa is on certain things they are more sure and others they are not as sure. If they’re sure, they won’t let go. I”m thinking “Sorry. It’s a swing and a miss. Move on.” Cindy won’t do it. She keeps circling back around to this. People say “Well, I know someone named Donald.” She asks: ‘What about the rest?“ “No.” “Well, then it’s not for you.” Finally, a woman at the table Cindy originally went to sheepishly raises her hand. “I guess it could be for me.” “OK. What matches?” “Well, my grandfather had a business. He wanted to leave it to my father. He was a large man. But, he didn’t pour concrete. He poured asphalt. My father is a car mechanic. I don’t know anyone named Donald though. The only Donald I can think of is my father’s business is on Donald Drive.”

I’m furious. And this is not atypical. The mediums spent time telling us they wouldn’t be 100% precise on relationships and names could be of the living or the dead, but lots of time is wasted trying to hunt down the people the messages are for. Cindy works the room for I guess around 45 minutes. Then, Lisa comes up and does the same. Everyone is probably doing what I’m doing alternatively asking our loved ones to push to the front of the line and trying to will the mediums to make a connection.

At the first reading, I tear up because from the message it’s obvious that not only is the Risen one still alive and well, he is still very much connected to the family and involved in their lives. One reading is for someone who lost a sister at a very young age. The girl was only five when she died, but it’s been many years. The message is she has grown up in heaven. This is disappointing to me because I’m missing Shayna’s teenage years. When I see her, will she be grown up? Meh, I guess I’ll have to live with that.

As you would expect based on when people die, most of the messages are for fathers, mothers and grandparents who have passed. In a room of 200 people you can always through out “I have a grandfather here who died of heart attack.” and hit a couple of people. Finally, a message comes through for someone at Tywana’s friends table. It’s a little girl named Sarah who died of cancer at age five. The details build from there.

Before the show started I tried to set expectations for the couple we’re sitting with. “You don’t come to one of these shows to get a reading yourself. The chances are you are not since only about dozen people actually do. You come to see the evidence. You know if their loved ones are all right and still involved in their lives, ours are too.” I say this as much for myself as I do for them. And I know Shayna is no the pushy type. I’ve heard it described, when mediums are doing shows like this, that those on the other side line up to try to get through. It would make sense that the more aggressive ones are the ones who get to the front. Shayna wouldn’t push anyone out of the way. As it’s clear the night is coming to an end, I accept that we won’t hear from her again.

The guy we are sitting with gets up to leave. I don’t look at his face. The show is still going on. Tywana said he looked disappointed. We had talked to them a litle during the show and they were amazed by the accuracy of the readings and the level of detail. But, we all want our own. By the end of the show, two hours after it had started, I’m thinking of checking the baseball score and I’m ready to leave. I’m happy for the people who have gotten their readings and the evidence is still coming, but I’ve had enough.

The show ends and we walk to the car together. It’s clear to us, again, that this stuff is real. We are still confident that Shayna is with us and we will see her again. It would have been nice to hear from her tonight. But, in spite of my nudges to get us to the show, that was not to be. We probably won’t go again. If we really want a medium reading, we’ll seek out a medium for a one-on-one. A good medium can cost a couple of hundred dollars for a reading and the waiting list can be over a year. I’ve been fortunate enough to have two readings with mediums like this. A reading tonight wasn’t necessary, but would have been really nice. I know Shayna was right there with us, is right here with us, and every day I am one day closer to seeing her again.

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