Day 477- Truth and Love

According to Swedenborg, God is Truth/Wisdom AND Love.  If we are to be like Him, we must have both, in balance.

Love without Wisdom/Truth leads to error and being easily led astray.  Truth without love leads to intolerance and tyranny.  We can know the highest Truth, but if we apply it without regard to Love, it’s worthless.

Too many people are choosing “truth” over Love. When your gay child comes to you and you reject him because of what the Bible says, you are choosing “truth” over Love. When you would rather be right than maintain a relationship, you are choosing “truth” over Love.  When you decide that a person voting for a particular candidate is not only not worthy of your respect, they’re not worthy of your time, you are choosing “truth” over Love.  Churches break up over this choice. It’s why we have 30,000-40,000 Christian denominations.  Jesus said they would know us by our Love, not by our “truth”.

This election season is the most divided I can recall in my lifetime. I know families where siblings are not speaking to each other.  Life long friendships are dissolving, all because one person chose one candidate and the other person chose another.

Is your “truth” worth sacrificing the Love that binds you? I think right now, many of us need to seriously meditate on this question.

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