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Day 479- Message from Uncle Jack

Today we are going to Columbus for the memorial service for my Uncle Jack who passed a couple of weeks ago at the age of 95.  Last night I dreamt I was out for my walk and spotted an unattended FedEx delivery truck (the 18 wheeler variety).  I decided instead of walking I would take a joy ride in the truck. I finished up my joy ride and left the truck for the authorities to find later. As I was walking back into the neighborhood, the school bus driver I see every morning pulled in behind me driving the FedEx truck.  Problem solved. They’d never know I had taken it.

I walked back up the street and up the hill to my house and went in.  Tywana was in the bathroom getting dressed.  She hadn’t noticed I was gone longer than usual. Good.  All clear on my little caper.  As I was leaving the bathroom, I got a notification on my phone of an incoming email. It was from Uncle Jack. “Strange” I thought.  “Uncle Jack is dead.  How could he be sending an email to me?”  Uncle Jack was technically savvy for a 95 year old guy.  He was on Facebook up until a couple of years ago. So, I thought, he must have figured out a way to schedule an email.  The email had a video attached to it. Uncle Jack was narrating as the video showed him getting into a bathtub.  He said that he was fine right up until the end.  He had not suffered. He said that he even drew a bath and gave himself a bath the day he had “made the trip.”  He knew the memorial service was this evening.  His message was that he had arrived where he was going, that all was well, and that he wanted everyone to have a good time at the memorial because he was having a good time and would see us all soon enough.

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