Day 480- Mediocre Mediums

There was an event this evening. A group of local mediums had a gathering where they were demonstrating five different modalities of doing mediumship messages.  I guess 40-50 people were in attendance and it was a two hour event, so there was a good chance of everyone or nearly everyone getting a message.

The messages, quite frankly, were so generic as to be not impressive at all. Again, always an older person in spirit.  The names were always common names like “Rob or Bob or Robert” or even “A J name”.  They’d say things like “I sense some changes coming in your life.”  And they’d always end with “Your loved one in spirit wants to tell you she is very proud of you and loves you very much.”  In fact, one of the mediums, during her turn was just throwing out generic stuff  and not even asking for confirmation so much that she joked “The fun part of being up here is I just have to give the message, you have to figure it out.”

They did get around to calling on me. The person doing the reading was wafting postcards over a flame producing smudges and interpreting them.  She said that she sensed I had some transitions I was going through in my life, one of my choosing and one that I had not chosen. That could be the business changes we are making and, of course, Shaya’s passing. She said she had a grandmother energy, someone who had had a stroke that affected her left side. That could be Mom (I call my grandmother Mom- everyone did).  She said that I was in a place in life that no one could have predicted from where I started. She said that this woman sensed that I had put out to the universe that I needed money and that she was doing everything she could do to help and that I would be successful.  This part I’m hoping was true because I have put that out to the universe.  But, who hasn’t?  She said this grandmother used to bake a lot for me.  Well, many grandmothers have, but Mom didn’t cook so much for me.  My other grandmother did since she lived with us from the time I was 7 or 8 years old.  She said she had an “M name” something like Mary. Well, my grandmother, the one who lived with me, is Mary Effie, but everyone called her Effie.

I can’t recall what she said she saw on the card exactly, but it was a green postcard. When she was done, she handed it to me.  The card was lightly covered with varying shades of soot, almost like a Rorschach test.  But, in the middle of the black soot, some color had developed.  The color was purple and it was in the shape of a heart.  Maybe Shayna showed up after all, but the medium didn’t see it.

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