Day 484- Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown

At Uncle Jack’s memorial service it came up again. Our family legacy.  Going back to Pop (Dad’s father) and even his parents who were both Methodist ministers, our family has always had a penchant for service in both a formal and informal capacity.  The same on my mother’s side. It’s just expected.  It’s part of our DNA.  During one of my medium readings, Shayna said, apparently with glee, that we are royalty.  The medium I guess thought I would be surprised or incredulous at such a claim.  Nope.  Neither.  Royalty aint’ all it’s cracked up to be.

Many think that being a leader means you have power to lord over people. Being a leader means the people are at your service, but Jesus told us it’s exactly the opposite.  Being royalty means you serve. Being royalty means you have responsibility. Shayna I guess is seeing the bigger picture now and is pretty impressed by it. But, for Tywana, Kayla, myself and the rest of us left here, it’s a grind.

Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane prayed for the cup that was before Him to be taken from Him. This isn’t because he was having an argument with God and God was forcing Him to do something against His will. That is an impossibility. This is a representation of Jesus’ humanity, His frailty in the body wrestling with His higher self and the purpose He had set before Himself before He incarnated.  The struggle is real.  He knows our struggles, and those of us who choose to follow Him know His.

As I talk with people I often tell them how weary I am. This life assignment has been hard. I’m not sure what I believe concerning reincarnation, but I do believe that we plan these lives. And I believe that Tywana, Kayla, Shayna and I agreed to these roles before we came.  The thing is I think we underestimated the cost we would pay.

Yesterday was our 26th wedding anniversary.  The congratulations were nice. Many gave us the wish that we have “many more”. This is what we say at anniversaries and birthdays.  We’re supposed to want to be here for many more as if this is all there is or as if this is the best place to be.

I’m figuring out what’s expected of me now.  Helping Parents Heal is on the radar. I’ll keep doing the blog for as long as I feel led to.  I’ll be here to do what I can to usher in what I hope is going to be an awakening of consciousness on this planet.

People often long for leadership. They think it’s good to be in the royal family.  Be careful what you wish for.  Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

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