Day 485- Weather Report

Some days I wake up and know just what I need to write about today. Be it positive or negative, it comes to me during that in-between time of being in the blissful world of dreams and this world of reality.

The last couple of weeks have been a struggle. I’ve written some things that I’m not comfortable publishing right now in real time. I’ll publish them later. I’ve struggled many days to write anything. The days are getting shorter and colder as we have pushed past Hallloween and racing toward Thanksgiving.

Kayla is home this weekend. It’s time to get her hair done. I love it when she is home. A medium told me that Shayna and I are twin souls. Kayla and Shayna are also twin souls. Kayla and I see the world in much the same way. We like the same movies and books. I’ve finally come to accept that she has her own life to live and I won’t be able to see her or talk to her as much as I would like and to enjoy the time we do have together.

Today is the first Sunday of the month. It’s time for our Helping Parent Heal meeting. It’ll be the first one since our radio interview in October. No one has contacted me as a result of the interview. We will see if anyone shows up as a result of the broadcast. I’m good with whatever happens. I expect we will have a few people who have attended prior meetings. If it’s just the few of us, that’s fine. Whoever needs to be there will be there.

In just about six weeks, we will be into the darkest time of the year. A few weeks after that will be the coldest time of the year. Accordign to Swedenborg, in the world of spirits, the weather matches your mood. If you’re excited or happy, the weather is sunny and warm. If you’re anxious, the weather can be cold or gray. In Ohio anyway, the weather is about to match my mood.

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