Day 489-  Helping Parents Heal Meeting

We recently had our fourth Helping Parents Heal meeting.  We had two couples in attendance and a single mother. One of the couples is a couple Tywana has known for several months from a grief support group that we attended.  The wife is a counselor in that group. We invited them so the husband could share his experience with Induced After Death Communications (IADC) done by Allan Botkin.  Interestingly, the two couples in attendance both are counselors for other grief groups- one for grieving parents and the other a general grief support group.

Once again, with a pretty small group and given that five of the seven of us there have already shared our stories, I wonder if we’ll have enough to talk about to fill the two hours that are allotted,  But, the conversation just seems to flow very naturally.  We talk about the signs we have gotten. We share information on good local mediums.  One couple has never been to a medium.  The rest of us have. We share information on Podcasts and books. And, we hear about the experience of IADC facilitated by EMDR (rapid eye movement).

Once again, the meeting doesn’t bring the people I was expecting. We had a radio interview in October and this was our first meeting since then. The hope was that maybe some grieving parents who need support would show up.  No one has responded to that interview. Tywana and I are getting a lot out of the group though just sharing stories.  We don’t know how often or for how long the people who already involved with other groups will come back.  They seem to enjoy it though. In other groups talk about signs can be discouraged because they want to be sensitive to people who haven’t gotten signs.  Talking about mediums in groups that meet in some churches can be taboo.  Nothing is taboo in our group.  So, we hope they’ll find that conversation valuable.

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