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Day 498- A Glimmer of Hope

Today feels a little better. I am running two marketing efforts in parallel with two different companies.  I’ve been searching for a long time to find a company that can understand our business and take a consulting role. I have hired and fired more companies than I can count.  One of these two companies actually seems to have the service and the technology to understand what I am looking for. The consultant I am working with is bright, energetic, optimistic and responsive.  We have our new product line in. And, finally, after well over a year, we are scheduled to begin the migration to our new e-commerce platform in a couple of weeks. My marketing consultant tells me that getting off of our antiquated platform will make a big difference. And will hopefully translate into some sales. We have the product, we will have the platform, hopefully in the next few weeks. And I’m really hoping to have a marketing company in place that can take us to the next level in the next six to twelve months.

Today, I found a meditation CD that I downloaded and listened to for the first time. It’s one of the best meditations I’ve ever done. I’ve really been struggling with this attitude of gratitude that everything and everyone tells me is the first and most important step to seeking a higher consciousness. I finally heard it phrased in a way that resonates with me, during this meditation. It’s not looking for particular things to be grateful for.  The CD is by Suzanne Giesemann, a medium whose book we have read.  We are going to a conference she is putting on in Florida in February.  The CD is Journey of Remembrance

I found a great movie on ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication) which is using electronic equipment to contact the spirit world.  The movie is “Calling Earth”  As I’m watching the movie, Tywana is on the couch next to me, she is texting Kayla who tells her that both Kayla and Gabe (her boyfriend) have had dreams about Shayna this week.  In Kayla’s dream, as she was waking up, she told Shayna not to leave her and Shayna replied “How many times do I have to tell you that I have never left?”  This, in combination with the meditation this afternoon and the movie I’m watching showing absolutely irrefutable evidence of people coming through, has bolstered my faith and I’m feeling pretty decent this evening.

We’re going to a meeting of Butler County Democrats, a happy hour actually. It’s a beautiful day for mid-November.  Lower 70s and scattered clouds.  As we’re leaving the house, I look to my left and in the wispy clouds is a refraction of light in a rainbow spectrum. It’s not a bow, just a bit of one sitting in the clouds.  I look to the right and I see another one.  I’ve only seen rainbows like this once before in my life.  I point them out to Tywana and she tells me that she has been re-listening to my medium reading with Susanne Wilson and Susanne mentioned that Shayna likes to send rainbows. When I saw this type of rainbow before I looked it up. It’s a fairly rare phenomenon. I ask Tywana to snap some pictures of it.

We get to the meeting and we meet our friends.  Lynn tells us that she was with another friend the day before memorializing a mutual friend that has transitioned.  We talk to Lynn and Doug about this afterlife stuff  and signs all the time. Tywana pulls out her phone to show them the penguin lamp Kayla found while thrift shopping.  Tywana tells her that she and Kayla think the lamp was meant for Kayla to find.  I tell Tywana to show Lynn the rainbow we spotted on the way over.  Lynn pulls out her phone and shows us pictures of the rainbow she took the day before.  Then, for some reason, Lynn says she took the picture at 4:41.  Why she said that I have no idea.  But, my first thought was that we were leaving about 4:30 to get to the happy hour at 5:00. So, our picture was around that time. Tywana looks at the time stamp.  It is exactly 4:41 pm.

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