Day 502- Weird Happening

It’s been almost exactly a year since my first medium reading and we had been discussing medium readings in group I’m in.  So I wanted to go back and listen to the reading again.

As I was listening, I noticed there was a section of the reading that was missing.  I knew there were some things she had said that weren’t in what I heard back.  I thought maybe I had spaced out for a while. So, i went back and listened again.  I didn’t notice where the gap was because there were long pauses during the reading, but again, I knew something was missing. When I got to where she said she was turning off the recording, the time indicator showed there were 8 minutes left in the audio. But, there was silence.  I went back in the audio and played some more. Then, I went back to the last 8 minutes expecting to find silence. But, this time when I played it back, the counter counted all the way down to zero and the audio ended there.

I came back and compared what I heard to my transcript of the reading and found out where the missing section was.  There is a section of the audio that is simply gone.  I found the original audio file sent to me by the medium and the section is there.

So, then I looked at the total length of each file. One said 48:10 and the other 48:09.  How is this possible?   So, I went back and played the file that was missing the section.  I’ve listened to that section three times now and it was not there.  When I listen to it on my computer, it’s there.  When I listen to the same file from my phone the section is not there, but the total length of the audio shows it’s the same time.

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