Day 514- Do I Believe in Reincarnation?- Yes & No

Last night Kayla texted me and we started one of our deep talks via text.  We rarely talk about things like “What did you do today?” or “What did you have for dinner?” The questions we discuss are  “What’s the nature of reality?” “Does time really exist?” “Do you believe in parallel universes?”

Last night we got onto parallel universes because she had a dream where she found herself in a parallel universe talking to Shayna.  I don’t have too much of an opinion on parallel universes one way or the other. Because, if there is a universe where Shayna is still with us and I’m not aware of it, for me- right here, right now, it doesn’t exist.  But, it did make me think about my theory on reincarnation which has been developing in my head.

Reincarnation is a topic that people have very strong feelings about one way or the other. There are some very valid objections to the common idea of reincarnation.  “What is the point of coming back if you can’t remember your past lives?”  “Do we ever get to ‘rest” in heaven or do we just keep coming back here over and over?”  Almost infinite loops of trips back here with no memory of what we did wrong last time sounds like torture. On the other hand, past life regressions and spontaneous past life memories are extremely difficult to deny or ignore.  Children know things they shouldn’t know and say they recall them from when they were an adult.  People can give names and dates and describe places they have never been.  And cultures around the world for thousands of years have believed in reincarnation.  Arguably, there are even references in the Bible.

The conclusion I have come to is there is reincarnation, but it’s not as simple as we are a single personality or single spirit that keeps coming back over and over.  When Kayla asked me if I believed there is a universe where we are all still together, I don’t think there is, per se. My belief is really difficult to put into words because there are no parallels, nothing I can point that that is analogous to what I think the reality is.

I think that we exist as a soul that, from the perspective of where we are now, would be an oversoul or a higher self. That soul is part of God or Spirit.  The words soul and spirit are often used interchangeably.  Before you get into a conversation with anyone about this stuff, you need to come to common ground on how you are going to use the terms. For the purposes of this conversation, I’m going to say our soul is the higher, more complete part of ourselves and our spirits are what incarnate into these bodies.  Our spirits, along with the bodies and the experiences we have, form our personalities.

When we incarnate, only a piece of us is here. Our higher self is back “home” and so are the higher selves of the people in the soul group that we come in with.  So, while I’m here with Tywana and Kayla, our higher selves are also back home, with Shayna.

We set aside a big chunk of ourselves to squeeze into these highly limited meat suits.   So, there is a “place” where we are all still together, in a sense.  Our souls never leave that place, entirely.  When the body dies, the spirit returns.  Some say when our bodies die, our personalities, our minds, die with it. Those people say the personality and mind are over once we are dead.  This is counter to what mediums tell us and seems wrong to me. How those personalities reintegrate with the soul and how they interact with the other personalities we have or the personalities our loved ones have had, I haven’t figured out.  But, it doesn’t seem right to me that they simply disappear. They become part of a collective. The experiences we have had are never lost and become part of the soul.

It’s difficult for me to fully comprehend because I cannot think of any analogies. Nothing else is quite like this. There is a debate about what happens to us when we return to Source. Some think that ultimately, either immediately, or after several lifetimes, we merge back into Source and become one with the One, essentially being absorbed or annihilated.  That doesn’t make sense to me.  I think we do work our way back to Source, but we always retain our individuality. The drop that returns to the ocean is part of the ocean, but is still a drop.  Similarly, our personalities/spirit/mind that incarnate, return to our souls but they retain their individuality.

So, that’s what I got. That’s what is working for me now.  It also solves the problem of what happens if Shayna has reincarnated before I die?  Will I miss her in heaven? Will I have to wait for her to get back to see her again?

p.s.- there is also no such thing as “past lives”. Time and space are an illusion that only exists in the physical universe we occupy now. Once we step outside of this universe, there is an eternal “now”.  This is what physicists have told us. The bleed over of lives is the individual personalities connecting with each other. And, we think of “past lives” only because we can only think linearly while we are in these bodies.  A few people have actually had glimpses of “future lives”. But, a more correct term would be “other lives”.  They are all happening at once.

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