Day 525- Bank Robbers and Bathrooms

Last night was Christmas night. After not nearly as bad a day as it had started out to be, I went to bed feeling not so bad.  I had a dream that wasn’t anything deeply spiritual and wasn’t a visit from Shayna, but it said something about the way I am beginning to understand consciousness.

In my dream, there was Tywana and me. We were in this giant shower, but these were three high school aged guys in the shower with us.  I found this to be really odd, and knowing that I was in a dream, I remember thinking “I know I’m dreaming and I know I didn’t bring them in here, so Tywana must have brought them. I need for them to go.” Being in a shower isn’t unusual in my dream.  We were watching a television show last night and in one of the characters dreams it showed overflowing urinals. “Aha, so it’s not just me.”  My dreams are often centered around showers and toilets. So, many times when I find myself in those situations, I will recognize I’m dreaming.

I tried to make these guys disappear with my mind and I believed they would.  When they didn’t immediately just vanish, I thought that this must be because they were a product of our collective consciousness, not just my own.  I couldn’t make them leave on my own because I hadn’t created them.  Instead, they spoke amongst themselves and decided to leave.  It was as if they could not sense we were even there.

I turned my attention to Tywana, but she was distracted. She said she saw someone running through the hallway, then he laid down in a trap.  I asked her what that even meant and tried to get her to ignore what was going on around us, but she was clearly scared. We left the shower and, through the magic physics of my dream world, were dressed and standing in an office environment.  People were panicked.  There was a criminal on the lam and he was running towards us.  I could sense that from the way the people were scrambling. Then, an announcement came on saying “Beware.  Bank specialist Mike (something or other) is on the scene.”  I saw a guy come running towards us who must have been the one chasing the bad guy.  I thought “This is exciting.”   Here was a chance to explore an environment where nothing could hurt us.  It was like we were in West World.  No one was real except us.

I could tell Tywana was still scared. So, I asked her: “Do you want to stay here and explore or do you want to get out of here.”  She took “…get out of here.” as in to run away. So, I repeated “We’re in a dream. We can stay here and look around or we can get out of here.”  She said: “I want to run.”, still not catching my meaning.  So, I put my arms around her and pulled her close and said: “Wake up.”  As I did that, I found myself back in our bed.  I sensed that she was awake too.  So I asked her if she had just had a dream. She rarely remembers her dreams.  In fact, for a very long time, she thought she did not dream.  She said that she had just had a dream. I was a little bit excited. Was it possible we had shared the dream?  I asked her what she had dreamt. She could not remember. But, it did seem that we woke up at at the same moment.

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