Day 53- Dinner with Friends (Again)

Today is Saturday. I have some things I need to get done so the morning is spent doing and running errands. Ty and Kayla go shopping again, so I sneak in a movie in the afternoon. We are having dinner with friends again tonight. These are friends who invited us over a few weeks ago. We have been doing lots of dinners out which is a good thing. Being around other people and trying to keep some sense of normalcy is healthy. These friends have two girls almost the exact same ages as Kayla and Shayna. Their younger daughter helps us with the business and is one of Shayna’s very good friends. Kayla decides to go to dinner with us, a pleasant surprise. We have a great time telling stories and joking and teasing each other, but as I look at Lexi, I can’t help thinking about Shayna. Shayna should be here. It’s just still so surreal doing al of these things without her. However I think it’s better to keep doing them, to get used to this new normal as soon as possible. That’s the plan anyway.

Another day in the books. Time to close my eyes and escape to sweet sleep.

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