Day 532- Resolutions- Not

Today is New Year’s Day- Observed according to my calendar.  Since New Year’s day was on a Sunday, the nation takes today off instead. There is no mail pickup. We’ll do some work, getting things ready to go out tomorrow. I wake up thinking about resolutions. Tywana is going to the gym this morning. It’ll be packed. The gyms are always packed for the first month or so of the year as people take on resolutions that they almost inevitably fail to keep. I’ve never been one for resolutions.  I don’t plan any major lifestyle changes. I try instead to make incremental changes.  I have joined a commitment to meditate every day for a year with a community that uses a meditation app.  I meditate almost every day anyway, so this is an incremental change for me.

The business needs to complete a major shift this year. We started 2016 moving to a new e-commerce platform and revamping our product line. We have put tens of thousands into marketing, migrating the platform, recreating three products, and adding two more major products.  We should finish the migration to the new platform in the next two weeks. The products are in the warehouse. We will be selecting one of two marketing companies to go forward with. 2017 will be the make or break year for the business where we complete the transition or I have to try to find a real job.

Personally, my goal for this year is to continue to try to live with more compassion and integrity. I’ll continue my meditation practice, listening to my podcasts, reading and trying to make sure that I clear all the karma I can this trip around so I don’t have to make this Earth journey again.

The Cincinnati Chapter of Helping Parents Heal is just getting started.  Hopefully, by this spring, we will be on our way to having a core group of people involved.  We are attending a weekend retreat in a few weeks in February with Mark Pitstick who is on the board of Helping Parents Heal and Suzanne Giesemann, who is a medium and psychic whose abilities developed after the transition of her step-daughter and grandson (her stepdaughter was pregnant when she was struck by lightning).  We’re hoping the workshop will help jump start us on this new leg of our journey.

So, today 2017 is under way.  I started actual New Year’s day with five miles.  Today, I’ll start the same way.  Then, I’m off to watch The Cotton Bowl with a buddy who is a Western Michigan grad.   The Buckeyes laid a goose egg on Saturday, so my football teams are both done for the year.  I’m a Cowboys fan for the rest of this season.

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