Day 536- Travelers

I’m watching a Netflix series now called “Travelers”. Time travel has always fascinated me.  The paradoxes- what happens if you change something in the past that prevents your birth? How could you do such a thing if you weren’t there to travel to the past in the first place?  Is time linear? Could we actually travel through time like we do through space?  In spite of these questions my engineer brain can’t figure out, I love time travel stories.

In Travelers, people from the future are on a mission to come to the past to prevent a catastrophe that totally screws up the future. The way they travel is they project their consciousness into people who are dying just before their moment of death and prevent the death. Their consciousness takes over the consciousness of the host, who would have died anyway.  But, the thing about Travelers that is resonating with me is that is exactly what I feel like now, I’m a Traveler. This is not my home. This is a place where I am on a mission. Part of that mission seems to be to figure out I’m on a mission. My meditation practice is helping me connect with my higher consciousness.  It’s half an hour a day, in addition to the hour that I walk, when I can unplug from this simulation that I find myself in and connect with my real Self. Increasingly, I’m able to bring that consciousness off of the meditation cushion and into my daily existence in this place. It’s all temporary. I’m just passing through.  I might as well enjoy the ride.

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