Day 54- Seeing A Medium

After reading all the things I have been reading written by mediums, I decided to check out a spiritualist church. This week is their monthly “read and feed” where after the service they do readings (and give you lunch) for $10. Such a deal.

The service itself wasn’t as far out as you might imagine. They sang normal songs from a normal hymnal. They talked about Jesus and God. But at the end of the service, two of them delivered messages from the spirit world.

Being the hopeful skeptic I am now describing myself as I noticed the messages were very generic. And any that were specific were directed to people they already knew and who were attending the church. They told one guy to read more “real books”. After the service he told us he had just finished a book on the Prophet Muhammad, was reading a book on Krishna (the Hindu god) and was reading a book on the Knights Templar and studying Arabic. I’m not sure why the spirit world would tell him to do more reading.
I was hopeful to get a message from Shayna and I went so far as to pray for it this morning. During this time, just as I thought they were going to pass me over completely, the pastor started delivering a message to me. But it was from someone short and husky and there was a motorcycle connection. I couldn’t make sense of that all no matter how much I tried to take the motorcycle thing figuratively or stretch the physical descriptions of anyone I would expect to hear from. The message she had for me was so generic and so far off of what I was expecting I’ve actually forgotten it already just a two hours after getting it.

We stuck around for the feed and read and decided to pay our money for private readings. The woman I had brought through an older woman with a grandmother energy. At first her description sounded a bit like my father’s mother, but then she said she had not had a prolonged illness and had been active right up until the end. Nope, not her. Then she said maybe it was a great grandmother. Could be. I didn’t know either of my great grandmothers and they never saw me. So, setting aside the who, the messages they gave were so generic as to be of no value. Even as someone trying to give this reading every benefit of the doubt, it wasn’t working. Finally, she asked if I had any questions. That was when I revealed my reason for coming. She described Shayna as having a bright beautiful smile. Well, yeah. She went on to tell me Shayna was still transitioning into her new environment. But she asked me if Shayna had any part in her own death. Well, good guess since I just told she was 15 and died unexpectedly, but wrong again.

Oh well. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

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