Day 540- Helping Parents Heal January Meeting

The short story is no one showed up again last night. We’ve been meeting since August.  The first meeting, it was just Tywana and me.  We had people September, October, November, and December. We were expecting people last night.  One woman pointed out, in November, that our January meeting for the first Sunday of the month would be on New Year’s Day. We gave everyone plenty of notice that we would be moving the meeting to January 8th.  We sent out reminders.  At the meeting in December, we all said: “See you in January.”

It’s just after the holidays.  People are tired.  It was 19º at its peak today.  By 7 o’clock, it’s pitch dark.  Heck, I didn’t want to get out in it to go the meeting last night, but I had to.

So, we sat and waited for 20-25 minutes and when it was clear no one else would show up, we packed up our stuff, came home, and watched the Golden Globe Awards.

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