Day 544- Into The Dark

I’m trying to work my way back to getting up at my normal time and being on the road by 7:30. This morning I rise a little earlier than I have been in the last couple of weeks.  I put on a long sleeve shirt, long running pants and running shorts, like I had on yesterday. I make my way downstairs and check the weather.

First of all, it’s 65º. Yesterday it was 33º at this time.  Not gonna need this long sleeve shirt or the running pants.  But, if it’s this warm in January, something else must be going on with the weather. Ah.. there it is. It’s supposed to rain all day.  My weather app says I have a 74 minute window before the rain starts.  Maybe that’s what I got up early.  My normal loop is between 65 and 70 minutes depending on how I’m feeling.  I have four minutes to spare.  But, it’s dark. So, I grab my flashlight, open the door and step out into the darkness.

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