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Day 547- I Earned All These Gray Hairs

A couple of days ago, my cousin who is a few years older than I am, was complaining about growing older. My mother-in-law is always telling me “Don’t get old, Brian.”  I guess I’m one of the few people who not only doesn’t mind the signs my body is aging, I embrace it.

Last week, I dyed my beard in the name of science.  We are selling a new henna based hair dye and to find a woman with a lot of gray who would give us a great before and after shot would be difficult to do. My beard is pure white in patches, so I thought I’d make a good test subject. But, I put off doing it for over a month.  I like the gray in my beard. I like the fact that my body is telling me that it’s not going to hold me here forever.  The wrinkles and the gray hair don’t bother me at all. I could live without the hair growing out of my ears. What’s up with that?   I’ll take care of my body while I’m here and I need to use it. And, it’s a marvel of engineering. The fact that our bodies work at all is a miracle. The more I learn about the way it works, the more fascinated I am. But, I have a better body waiting for me when I trade this one in. So, I’m glad this one comes with built-in obsolescence.

It’s been a week since I dyed my beard. I might do it once more just to see how a second application takes after the temporary dye has faded, but then I want to see those grays hairs show up again.

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