Day 549- Care Bears

We, and by we I mean Tywana, are giving away some of Shayna’s possessions slowly. I can’t bear the thought of going through her room and giving her stuff away. My brain knows there’s no point in keeping it. But, even now, after a year and a half, I still feel like I’m trespassing when I go into her room. I expect her to come and run me out every time.

Tywana called several of Shayna’s friends to see if they would want her Care Bears that Shayna collected. They said yes. A group of them stopped by on Saturday and spent some time with us. Another came over yesterday to pick up hers.  Shayna has a very special group of friends. All of the girls are extremely caring. They are all smart. They are all multi-talented. Even after what is a long time in their short lives, they still care about us. One of them brought a plant for Tywana. They didn’t just grab the Care Bears and go, they told us about their lives. It was strange seeing them with car keys in their hands since they are all driving now. They’re in their junior years, so they’re making plans for college.

it’s great to see them growing up and moving into their young adulthood. But, it’s bittersweet as it’s a reminder of what we aren’t going to have. One of Shayna’s friends is looking at Ohio State, which is where Shayna would most likely have gone.

While it was great seeing the girls, it’s one of those times when it’s hard to keep the proper perspective and stay focused on the big picture rather than how much my life sucks right now. This life is one of many and is a blink of an eye in the big picture.

I’m glad the girls got another memento of Shayna and I’m glad their years are going well.

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