Day 553- Mission Accomplished

This morning I was listening to a reading Tywana had with “The Angel Lady”, a psychic here in Cincinnati.  It’s Tywana’s reading, so I won’t share specifics, but I think it’s safe to say the woman touched on the whole soul planning, soul group thing we’ve been hearing about for the last 18 months and that Tywana and I have both bought into.

As I was listening to her reading, I imagined us, together with Shayna, planning these lifetimes and how we would come in and go out. Shayna, would not be here for the first parts of our lives, of course since we are the parents. She would not come until later, much later. The surprise, for us as we are incarnated, was that she would only be here for a short time. Her mission was accomplished in just 15-½ years. My life prior to Tywana and the girls didn’t feel like it had really started.  I lived only for them.  Now, with Shayna gone and Kayla and Tywana still here it’s a strange feeling being stuck here.

I still feel Shayna with me, a lot actually and it seems more and more.  I even had the thought a few days ago that perhaps she was with me before she incarnated.  Why not?

So, here I sit- alone, listening to Don Henley, trying to wrap my head around what’s happening in our country.  I think, hope and pray that Trump is the storm before the calm, that step backwards mankind seems to need to take before a leap forward.  Tywana’s at the woman’s march protesting Trump’s agenda to roll us back 50 or 60 years.  Kayla’s at school in Toledo. A major part of whatever our mission is ended a year and a half ago when Shayna made her transition.  We have to soldier on for God knows how much longer before we complete our assignments and can return home to hear Mission Accomplished.

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