Day 556- Breaking The Chains

I’m reading a book, by a grieving father who happens also to be a medium. In the book he gives advice on how to survive this situation that none of us wanted to find ourselves in.  One piece of advice that comes up over again is to let go of the physical addiction for our loved one who is now in spirit. It makes sense. When the person we love is no longer in the flesh, the desire to have them in the flesh is about as useful in our lives as the desire to fly.  It ain’t gonna happen.  No amount of wishing or hoping will bring their physical form back. So, the smart thing to do would be to let go of that desire.

On an intellectual level, this is easy to understand. And, if we begin to develop spiritually and realize that the forms we see ourselves and each other as are merely media through which our spirits manifest, we can begin to see beneath the surface of ourselves and our loved ones into their true nature. However, the leap between that and feeling the love of our loved ones who are no longer here to express themselves physically is a leap across a giant chasm.

We got to know them by their smiles, their wit, the spark in their eyes, the sweetness of their voices. We kissed them good night. We hugged them.  We wrestled with them.  We cared for them when they were sick. All of these things are done in the physical realm that we are stuck in.

I skipped my walk yesterday because it literally rained all day long.  It’s been a very long, very gray winter so far.  I can’t recall the last time we had a day of full sun. Yesterday, it was like the sun didn’t rise at all. This morning I got my five miles in while listening to an interview with another medium. Once that interview ended, I decided to listen to Kenny Loggins’ Leap Of Faith album which has been one of my favorites for over 20 years now.  The album came out before I even had children.  The theme is about his love for his daughter and his son. After Kayla and Shayna were born the album had much more meaning for me than it did when I first heard it in 1994.  Now, with Shayna’s passing, it takes another level of meaning, especially the song “Sweet Reunion” which brings torrents of tears every time. I haven’t cried in a while, so the cry this morning was cleansing.

I wish I could say I have had some sort of breakthrough on this physical desire thing. I have not. The only solution I can see is to look forward to the day when I break the chains of the physical.

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