Day 557- Why Are We Even Here?

Once you accept who we are, immortal beings having a temporary human experience, the next question is why are we here?  Not why do we exist per se. Why are we here on this ball of confusion full of pain and suffering?

Some say we’re here to learn and to grow. If we’re already immortal beings living in a carefree world, why learn the lessons of Earth?  To build character? Maybe.  Maybe it’s simpler than that.

I look for analogies. Think of this. Some of us love to play video games. Video game programmers know that people will only play if the game has a certain level of difficulty. This is absolutely essential for any good video game.  If the game is too easy, people will only play for a few minutes and quit. There’s no challenge. So, there’s no enjoyment. If the game is too difficult, you get the same result. People will play for a short time. Then they quit because they know they will never get anywhere. Video game programmers have to find that sweet spot where the game is difficult enough to be challenging, so when you achieve a goal it provides some sense of accomplishment.

Maybe we’re just all playing the ultimate immersive video game.

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