Day 561- You’re 10?  You Don’t Look A Day Over 8

Tywana and I had a phone conversation with Kayla last night.  IKR?  An actual telephone conversation.  Kayla has been having more dreams and more vivid dreams. I have been dreaming about Shayna more often.  I’m so grateful for the fact I can fall asleep easily and stay asleep.  It’s my escape from this reality into a world where I feel no pressure and no sadness.

Last night, as I was dreaming, I found Shayna and Kayla in a bedroom they shared. They had twin beds.  Shayna, for some unknown reason, had a stash of bottled water and all kinds of drinks under her bed. Shayna was upset because Kayla had been telling her that she was really 10 years old.  Shayna insisted that she was only 8 because she had stopped aging when she transitioned. She didn’t want to be 10, she wanted to be 8.  But, Kayla said she had to keep aging the same as people on Earth.  Kayla was also telling her that she wasn’t real because she was only there when we were there with her.  Shayna insisted she was very real.  I got to hold her and comfort her.  It was nice.

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