Day 562- Running On Empty

Today is our 30th anniversary.  It’s not the 30th anniversary of the day we married.  It’s the 30th anniversary of the day we met.  I was working out at a gym in Lexington, KY where I was on a temporary assignment. The gym was an upscale gym that the Residence Inn had worked a deal out with for long term residents.  Tywana was working a part time job for extra money at the gym.  She asked me to play a game of horse with her and the rest is history. 30 years later, two gorgeous, smart, kind children; two homes; three dogs (two still with us); many, many laughs; and more than our share of tears.

To celebrate, I bought her a bouquet of flowers.  Today is a Tuesday, so there is work to be done. We each get our orders out for the business.  Her friend’s father passed last week and the wake is in Maysville, KY an hour and a half away. So, that’s where she spends her late afternoon/early evening while I pass the time watching TV at home.  She picks up Chinese on the way home and we share a bottle of wine.

30 years.  On that day, I had no inkling of what lay in store for me.  It’s been a long and winding road.  A standard line is for people to wish us 30 more. Ha! I don’t have 30 more in me folks.  I’m running on fumes now.

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