Day 564- Triumphant Tuesday

Yesterday was the second weekly #trumplesstuesday, a day I have set aside to not obsess over how Trump is destroying the country, nay the world.  Sometime during the day, an inspiration hit me.  Rather than having Trumpless Tuesday, which paradoxically causes me to focus on the very thing I’m trying not to focus on, I’m going to have Triumphant Tuesday. I’m going to focus on the positive on Tuesdays and avoid any talk of defeat, destruction or depression.

So, my friend Ethan posted a list of small victories we have had in the last week and spoke of how we must take time to pause to consider our victories so that we can avoid activism burnout. I took this as a confirmation of my idea and I posted it to my Facebook wall.  Many were inspired by it. It went mini-viral among my ground of almost 1,300 friends. And then, one of my friends, I guess in an attempt to hold me accountable, pointed out that I had violated the rules of Trumpless Tuesday by posting it, but maybe I could have Triumphant Tuesday, the very phrase that had come to me earlier in the day, before Ethan had posted his list. This was confirmation #2 that Triumphant Tuesday it is.

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