Day 565- Shayna, Sasha, Kayla and Malia

Yesterday was Aunt Carol’s memorial service. Being surrounded by so much family for so much time, I had Shayna my mind even more than usual, which is probably why she was in my dream last night.

We were at an amusement park. Tywana, Kayla, Shayna, and I were there.  Shayna was about 8-9 years old, probably about the age she would have been during Obama’s first inauguration.  The reason that’s relevant is Michelle Obama was there, too.  I didn’t see Barack.  The girls, their two and our two, were off playing and having a good time while Tywana and I were talking to Michelle. I found it odd that we were addressing her as Michelle, but we were. I remember election night in 2008.  We watched with the girls and I came close to tears.  Here was a family, just like mine, about to take the White House.  Barack is only three months younger than I am.  Michelle, is about Tywana’s age. They had two girls. It was cool being in this place and talking to Michelle Obama and having the girls play.  She had given the Secret Service agents money to buy treats for the girls and Shayna and Sasha were taking full advantage.

Then, I looked over at Shayna, who had come back for a few minutes, and I realized that she was not supposed to be here because she was dead.  I went over to her and I talked to her and i even got to hug her.  I don’t recall our conversation, but I do remember the feeling I had seeing her again.  I don’t think I realized it was a dream. I actually thought she was back from the dead and would be with us.  I had that feeling I used to have when the four of us were together, the feeling of being whole.  More than being whole in fact, I had the feeling of being complete. It was so peaceful.  It was bliss.

I told Michelle how Shayna had been lost and now was found.  I started to tell her about a sign we had had from Shayna.  Again, I don’t recall the details, but as I told the story, my body became covered in goosebumps from ankles up to shoulders.  Tywana’s did, too.  I showed the goosebumps to Michele and she was having trouble seeing them. But, as they started to go away it became obvious because what had happened was my skin was a good ½ inch thicker than it had been so, as they started to go away in kind of waves, you could see the skin returning back to it’s normal level, the hairs on my arms and legs started laying back down.  Colors were swirling through my skin.  Then, I woke up.

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