Day 566- Helping Parents Heal February Meeting

I’ll keep this and sweet.  No one showed up again.  We moved the meeting from the first Sunday (Super Bowl Sunday) to the second Sunday.  But, we gave plenty of notice to the few people who had shown up and we announced in in church, twice.  The last meeting we had where we saw people, someone pointed out that the first Sunday in January was New Year’s Day and we made a point to tell everyone that we would move the meeting to the second Sunday if the first Sunday didn’t work.

So, we sat in the room where we were supposed to meet.  The AA meeting was filled to overflowing next door and people kept coming to ask if they could use our chairs. We held onto them, just in case someone showed up.  At twenty five after, when it was clear no one was coming, we packed up and headed back home to watch the Grammys.  Maybes someone will show up in March, maybe not.

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