Day 569- Reunited

My dreamscape tonight takes me to a huge house that I recognize from a previous dream. It’s impossibly big and beautiful. In my previous dream, the house was mine.  In this dream, someone else has bought it and remodeled/expanded it. They’re letting me look around to see what they’ve done with the place.  On one end is room that leads out to a huge swimming pool. On the other end, they have added a gigantic party room that has one wall open (it’s in a warm weather climate of course) and just outside of the room is a giant pond, it has to be about an acre.  As I’m touring the house, hoping I don’t get lost, I come across a child’s bedroom. It’s small, especially for a house this size. Then, I realize there’s a child in the bed.  I’m about to back away to give her some privacy when I realize it’s Shayna at about the age of  7.  I recognize that she’s been gone from me, so I cross over to her and I hug her.  Again, I cannot remember what I said to her.  I don’t know if we even exchanged any words.  I just remember the feeling of holding her and kissing her cheeks. I’ve gotten better at not waking up the moment I see her in my dreams. So, I got to spend some time with her and just soak in the feeling of being reunited.

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