Day 61- Unbelievable Signs & New Friends

The last two days have sucked pretty badly. Yesterday we had to drop Kayla off at college and return to an empty house. Today, we wake up and face the “new normal” that we didn’t ask for. Today is a struggle for both Ty and me.  This evening however, we have new friends coming over for drinks after dinner. One of the couple is someone Ty has known for many years, but they haven’t been in close contact. She has friended me on Facebook since Shayna’s passing and has been a tremendous help in seeing me through this.  I really only know her through Facebook, but I sense something special about her. She and her husband want to come over to share stories they have since his wife’s passing.  Ty and I are looking forward to their visits. I expect there will be a lot of tears, but when they get here, Lynn’s energy is just so high I can’t get down enough to bring any tears forth.

Wow, where to begin? Let’s just say we haven’t had any major signs in a while and I am disappointed I got nothing yesterday during Kayla’s move in. I saw a couple of butterflies then and I see a pair of dragonflies on my walk this morning, but Lynn has messaged me that Shayna has been in communication with her today and she can’t wait to tell us the details.  I’m looking forward to something, anything.

Lynn and Doug come in and Lynn starts right off with the story of her day, even before we can offer them a drink.  Lynn is a very intuitive person, so as she was at Kroger, she was standing in the aisle asking Shayna and Christie (her good friend she lost to brain cancer a few years ago) for guidance on what to purchase.  Lynn is bringing dessert tonight.  Lynn settles on some wonderfully gooey brownies and lemon bars which were also amazing.  Good choices, Shayna and Christie.  Lynn tell as she arrives home from the grocery, there on one of the three stepping stones up to her house is a feather which she has placed in a gift bag and put into a card she gives to us. Shayna was there visiting Lynn today.  Lynn was blown away by this feather being there in light of asking for Shayna for guidance and our scheduled (holy) appointment this evening.  

Then, out of the gift bag there are two more small jewelry bags each with a piece of jewelry in it. This is where the story really gets interesting.  Lynn’s daughter has a friend who makes jewelry. This girl is also an intuitive. Lynn has asked her to select some jewelry as a gift to Ty.  Lynn tells her that we have lost our daughter and she would like something appropriate. She tells her a few things about Shayna and then thinks “Oh wait.  Brian just published Shayna’s eulogy, I can forward that to her.” So, Lynn forwards the eulogy to her.  The girl has selected a pendant filled with crystals that each have meaning and properties that should be helpful to Ty.  The girl calls Lynn back, excited. She has read the obituary and sees the part where Kayla’s nickname for Shayna is “Duck” (or “Baby Duck”).  The girl says she was shopping for jewelry supplies and something told her to buy this small yellow duck charm. She had no idea why but she bought it. She adds it to the pendant.  Now, Lynn is convinced the pendant is not meant for Ty, but for Kayla.  It’s absolutely perfect.  The girl gives Lynn another pendant meant for Lynn. Can you guess what this pendant is?  It’s feathers with a Hamsa or Hand of Fatima (for protection).  Lynn decides this is perfect for Ty and Ty and I agree. These gifts could not be any more appropriate and we are all blown away by the synchronicity going on here. The girl buying the duck and the girl giving Lynn the feather pendant. Goosebumps all around.

We grab some drinks and head out to the deck. I have only met Lynn once or twice before and only seen her husband once, at Shayna’ celebration, but the conversation comes easy as if we have known each other for many years. They share stories with us about Christie, her passing and the things they have seen from her in the years since.  We share with them the stories of how Shayna has visited us.  It’s just so good to be around people with whom you can have real conversations and people who won’t think you’re nuts when you tell them what you believe and what you’ve seen.  Then, Lynn and Doug share with us a vision they had at Shayna’s celebration. I should say visions because even though they both saw the same thing, they did not tell each other about it until later on.  We talk about the Spirit that was in the room on the night of Shayna’s celebration. Maybe not everyone there felt it, but I know a lot of people did. We feel the Spirit with us on this night, too.  We talk about our loved ones, about seeing them again, about how they are still with us, still involved in our lives.  We envision Shayna sitting in one of the chairs with us now. If it’s true that their spirits are still right here with us, in a dimension we can’t easily detect we talk about how they are probably saying “Ooh, they’re getting it. They’re so close.”  I imagine how one day when I cross over, I’ll look in on this world and realize just how clueless I am right now.  I am loving this night.

We could go on talking all night. There is so much more to say, but some of us are old folks and it’s time to get to bed. 

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