Day 612- Back To Your Center Conference- Day 1

Today is the start of the Back To Your Center weekend. We are going to meet Suzanne Giesemann, Tywana’s idol since we started this journey. Suzanne is one of the premiere mediums in the country. I have this fantasy that when we meet her she is going to say “Oh! You’re the ones whose daughter has been around me telling me to give a message to you.”. But, real life rarely goes like the fantasies. We’re in a lobby full of people all buzzing with energy about this weekend. I can onky imagine what that must be like for an intuitive. Suzanne asks if we have lost a son. We tell her no, we did lose a daughter. She’s pulled away by someone else and that is that.

Suzanne and Mark each give a talk on night one to set the stage for the weekend. There are several people here from Helping Parents Heal and Tywana meets two friends from. Facebook group that she is in. We break at 9:30 and head to bed early. Tomorrow starts at 7:30.

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