Day 614- Back To Your Center Conference

Back To The Center Conference-

I’m going to try to write about the Back To the Center conference that Tywana and I attended this weekend. I cannot capture the emotion. I don’t have the time to write about all of the details.  We had the privilege of sitting in a room for several hours with one of the most educated afterlife experts on the planet, Mark Pitstick and with one of the best mediums on the planet, Suzanne Giesemann. Both are the authors of several books. Suzanne, in addition to being an astounding medium, is a wisdom teacher. She channels a group of light beings that go by the collective name of Sanaya.

When it comes to mediums, channeling and wisdom teachers, I am still very much a skeptic. Not that I don’t believe they don’t exist, but they can be faked and some are better than others. Some are in it for the money. Some are in it for the adoration. And some are just not that good. Tywana and I have been following Suzanne’s blog, listening to her interviews and reading her books for over a year. Her book “Mesaages of Hope” is one of my favorites. Getting the chance to observe her in person was something I really looked forward to.

I wrote earlier about my first encounter with Suzanne. Unfortunately, that post got back to her. I didn’t intend for that to happen. I am not an intuitive person myself, but I’m extremely empathetic. I can pick up on people’s emotions, particularly ones I often have. When people are anxious I feel it. I can sense a performer’s nerves. Suzanne was in a room full of people who were here to see her this weekend. She was going “ on” in a few minutes. She was focused on that. And a bunch of us were grieving parents who were, of course, hoping against hope to hear something from our kids. I fantasized about Shayna bogarting her way into Suzanne’s mind and giving a message to us, but it was not a reasonable expectation. It was a fantasy. Anyway, I do want to say this. When Suzanne saw my post, she contacted us and offered an explanation. That was totally unnecessary. I completely understand. I can’t share any more of her communication. I know it seems I tell everything. But, I will say that it was way more than she needed to do and reinforces my belief that she is the real deal, motivated by Love and a desire to serve. She has my gratitude.

I won’t go over each of the sessions or modules. Some things I have tried before. One, the Facilitated After Death Communication, where we are each supposed to connect with our loved ones in spirit worked a bit better for me than it had when I tried it before. Many people said they got amazing results. Frankly though, when talking with them privately, some of them seemed to have the same experience I had. The encounters are in our heads. So, without evidence, we don’t know if we are dsydreaming or they are “real”. However, I got messages from Shayna, Pop and Felton that were welcome. It was worthwhile. I will do it again. The breathing meditation we did was like the Ananda meditation on one of my meditation CDs. I’ve done that meditation twice. I do not like it. It’s like the anti-meditation for me. Instead of leaving my bodily sensations in the background, I get all in my head. I get light headed. My palms were sweating. My hands and feet were tingling. People around me were crying and alternately laughing. It was very uncomfortable for me. Lesson, not every modality is for everyone.

I wrote extensively about one of the highlights of the session, the Angel Wash. If you can ever do it, do it. I have never in my life felt waves of love washing over me. As I was participating, it reminded me of what I want my job in heaven to be, greeting new soils and helping people transition in. I’ve never had an NDE, but I think I felt a little bit of what it’s like.

On Saturday evening I got to see Suzanne channel Sanaya. I’ve seen it on video one or twice and we listened to a session on Wednesday night. I’ve heard some see her face change, some see auras, some see spirits around her, the room gets warm when they are speaking and cold when they are finished. I didn’t experience any of that except maybe the room temperature change. I was seated a few feet from her and there was a white screen behind her. I still haven’t seen an aura. But, the most important thing about Sanaya is the wisdom that comes through and there is no doubt that is real. Whether Suzanne is tapped into light beings of her higher self or whatever is not the important thing. It’s what comes through. What came through all weekend was a message of who we really are, what this life is about, and how we can make the best of our time here. That is why people follow Suzanne around to hear the message again and again. It’s interesting that she has no religious background. The message is universal and doesn’t require any faith other than the faith that the universe is a benevolent place and we are part of a greater whole conspiring for the greatest good for every one of us.

Mark Pitstick made several presentations on the nature of reality and led us in the meditations I mentioned and the Angel Walk. Mark and Suzanne bring great credibility to their message as Mark is a doctor and Suzanne is a retired Navy Officer. This is just not just woo woo out there sruff. There is science to back it up.

If you can ever get to see Suzanne or Mark, or both. I recommend it. If you can’t, look them up online. Mark’s book and film SoulProof are also great for people starting to explore the true nature of yourself and the reality around you.

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