Day 63- Taking Off The Training Wheels

Another day of the typical stuff. Morning cry, morning walk, work, meditation.  Ty and I figure out dinner.  

Sheila, our grief counselor from Companions On A Journey, comes over. We talk for almost two hours. Sheila has been a tremendous help, but we’re coming to the end of what she can do for us. She has been a great sounding board, she has given us things to consider, she has helped us set reasonable goals. What we realize though is that we have such a great support system, not to mention each other, that we really shouldn’t take any more of her time, at least not now.  We have been pounding the grief books and Podcasts, the afterlife stuff, going to different churches, walking, working out, talking to friends, journaling, blogging.  There’s only so much to be “done”.  

We thank Sheila for her service.  We’re taking the training wheels off now.

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