Day 65- Attack of the Hummingbirds

I am standing on the deck. The dogs are in the back yard doing their dog thing when I spot a hummingbird approach the feeder we put up several days ago. No, wait, there are two hummingbirds. They feed only for a second or so then they fly off and start to do this hummingbird dogfight. They are looping around each other moving rapidly from the feeder on my left across to my right. From about 20 feet in front of where I was facing to just behind me and to my right. They must not see me because suddenly they are both headed right for my face. I duck and gasp as they pass six inches to a foot away from me. Now they move back to my left and just behind me. One stops and hovers not two feet from me and just stares at me as I stare at him. This goes on for about five to ten seconds. They come back together, go to the hanging plant on the deck where I am, feed for another ten seconds or so, then they fly off together.

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