Day 650-EVP Communication with Shayna

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon.  It’s one of a larger set of phenomena known as ITC or Instrumental Trans Communication.  As long as there have been radios, televisions, cameras, etc. strange phenomenon have occurred where it appears that spirit is causing images to appear on televisions, on film, using radio to broadcast messages, etc.  These have largely been spontaneous, but people have been working on trying to improve the communications.  If you haven’t seen “Calling Earth”, watch it.  It will blow your mind.

For over a year I’ve wanted to try EVP to reach Shayna. People have discovered if you run a recorder with some amount of background noise, like a fan or the sound of the shower, you often can hear garbled voices on playback. These are voices that you cannot hear while you are making the recording. No one knows how this works.  One theory is spirit somehow rearranges the sounds from the background noise to form words. The voices you hear are not usually the voices of your loved ones, but they sometimes leave intelligible messages.  I haven’t gotten around to trying to make a recording myself, but I did get in contact with someone who has become an expert on doing these recordings.  My understanding is it’s not the recording that takes the expertise, it’s deciphering the playback.

Tywana and I came up with a series of 7 questions to ask Shayna and set an appointment with the woman who volunteered to do the recording for us.  We would ask a question, then pause for 15 seconds to allow Shayna to respond.  The background noise that was used was phonemes which are sounds from speech that has been chopped up and rearranged randomly. There are no words in the phonemes, just speech sounds. After the recording was made, the woman we were working with sat down and carefully listened to the responses and gave what her interpretation of the the words we got back were.

I can say this for certain. The sounds that we got back were not the sounds that were playing while we were making the recording. There are words in there.  They are difficult to decipher. They’re not super clear. Sometimes they are very, very fast and you have to listen over and over to make them out.  Some of the responses to our questions made sense. Some did not. It’s not like a phone call where there are only two parties on the line.  My understanding is anyone in spirit can come through and sometimes they do.   So, we can’t be sure all of the responses are from Shayna.

We agreed not to publish the recordings or the transcript to the internet. I listened to the recording and compared that to the transcript that was made for us.  It takes some getting used to the sound of the EVP to really understand what they are saying, kind of like when you’re learning a foreign language. At first, it sounds like just gibberish until you learn to distinguish the individual words.

After watching the film Calling Earth and finally having my own experience with EVP and listening to other EVPs, I am convinced this phenomenon is for real.  Gary Schwartz is working on the SoulPhone which we hope will one day make this type of communication routine and as reliable as a telephone call. Gary has already shown that spirit communication is possible through repeatable experimentation. The hurdle is to make it reliable.  See www.soulphonefoundation.org for more information.

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