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Day 669 Higher Ground

I have always loved the song “Standing On Higher Ground” by Alan Parsons. I’m sure I’ve listened to it hundreds of times.  I’ve always felt a little bit guilty, a little arrogant, cocky even because I could always so closely identify with the idea of looking at things from a different perspective and, in the song, the writer is saying:

I know the truth
But I can’t say
And I have to turn my head
And look the other wayI’m not afraid
And I won’t lie
As long as I see no wrong
I won’t need to testify

I see the world
And I’m looking from a high place
Way above it all
Standing on higher ground

I breathe the air
While they’re running in a rat race
Way above it all
Standing on higher ground

Yeah, it seems to me to be a little less than humble to say I’m breathing the air, while they’re running in the rat race.  But, it’s true. I’ve always had a different perspective than normal. I listened to the song a few days ago and wanted to share it on Facebook.  When I went to YouTube to find a video I could share, I found this beautiful (unofficial) video for it.

This morning, while I was on my walk, I just had to listen to it again. As I walked the hills of West Chester, this question occurred to me “How did he get on this higher ground?”  I’m guessing he wasn’t born there.  People can’t fly.  He had to climb.  Climbing is tough work.  As you leave your friends behind and head for the hills, they think you’re crazy. You have to break away to even begin the journey. You face storms on the way. Your legs burn.  Your lungs labor for air.  You go through treacherous places. You may even go through a few valleys. Then, finally, you reach that place high above it all where you’ve got a whole new perspective. You can’t see the rat race when you’re in the rat race.  The writer of the song isn’t arrogant.  He’s celebrating his hard earned victory.

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