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Day 683- Derby ‘17

Today is our 9th annual Kentucky Derby Party- almost a decade old tradition.  The guest list has grown over the years.  Today, there will be about 40 attendees.  Our friends are moving out of the phases of their lives where their kids’ schedules dictate their attendance, so we have more people who can actually make it. The weather this year is like it seems it always is the first week of May. We’ve had two days of all day rain in a row.  The forecast for Saturday was rain and cold. But, we wake up to a pleasant surprise of sunshine and the temperature is around 60º, warm enough that we can spend some time on the deck.

I start the day with a five mile run and I get my meditation in early. I’ll be cooking all day right up until the time the guests arrive.  I started the chuck roast for the barbecue last night- sous vide style at 155º for about 16 hours.  I get the burgoo going. Then, I realized the weather is going to be nice enough for me to get the grass cut, so I head out to the garage to get the lawnmower out.  Tywana has moved Shayna’s bike and it’s not hanging right, so I am rearranging it when I knock over one of the shelves in the garage.  We have been looking for leather cleaner to clean the couch. We knew we had bought some for the cars. I was pretty sure we had it here somewhere, but I could not find it. When the shelf comes crashing down and I’m cursing my luck, I look down on the ground and there is a bottle of leather cleaner.  Maybe a sign from Shayna?

After I cut the grass, I head back inside for shower #2 of the day.  Tywana asks if I’ve been in Shayna’s room.  Nope.  Kayla’s boyfriend is here. Tywana asks if he’s been in Shayna’s room. He says he has not. Kayla wasn’t even up yet. But, when Tywana went into Shayna’s room, her ceiling fan was on. This is the weird thing. Our ceiling fan and the light come on and go off all of the time.  We know Shayna’s doing.  Our ceiling fan operates by remote control. For some reason, I figure it’s easier for her to manipulate it “remotely”.  But, Shayna’s ceiling fan is hard wired.  There is no remote. The only way to turn it on is with the pull chain on it.  Is this Shayna’s way of telling us she will not miss the Derby Party?

Churchill Downs is a mess. The track looks more wet than I have ever seen it.  I just hope no horses get hurt.  The rain has stopped and it’s sunny in Louisville by post time.

The guests all have a blast at the party.  I sneak off a couple of times to think about Shayna like I always have to do.  I miss her so much. This is the second Derby Party since her passing.  Another milestone without her. But, I decide rather than be sad about the two years without her, I’m going to be happy that I’m passing another milestone on the road Home.  I’m two years closer to my destination.

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