Day 686- Run, Walk, Crawl If You Have To…

Too many people I know are going through tough times. I had a friend on Facebook say yesterday that she was tired of things never seeming to go right and just about ready to throw in the towel. Then, another friend posted that she’s about to find her daughter and herself homeless and was seeking $4,000 to purchase a trailer home to live in.  I have two friends going in for surgery today.  One sounds quite serious.

I read on someone’s blog that maybe life is supposed to be fun(ny) and that we take it too seriously.  Maybe…  If we pull out to the bird’s eye view and take the long term view, we know all is well because all will be well.   The problem is we have to get from here to there and we aren’t guaranteed the path will be easy. In fact, we are told quite the opposite by the greatest Master to have lived “In this world you will have trouble.”

There are times I wake up and say “Damn. Here I am again.”  There are days when it seems I’m living Groundhog Day (the movie). It’s just one struggle after another and I’m really getting tired because the results are always the same.

Today as I took my morning walk/run, it was one of those days I decided to go for time. I started off running.  I can’t run five miles.  I can only run for a period of time, then I’ll hit a hill and have to walk for a while. So, I walk.  I regather my strength in my legs.  I catch my breath.  I let my heartbeat come down.  Then, when I feel a little rejuvenated I run some more.  When you’re having one of those days where you don’t know if you can make it to the finish line, set your sites on a mini-goal. Don’t think about a year down the road or a month down the road or even a week down the road. Stop running. Slow down.  Walk for a bit.  Crawl if you have to. Take some deep breaths and focus on getting through until tonight.  That’s it.  Just tonight when you’ll be able to fall asleep and take a break.

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