Day 690- Guides

I’ve done several meditations to try to get in contact with my guides.  I’ve read articles. I’ve listened to webinars.  This idea of guides is new to me.  If we have guides, are we supposed to know it? Do they guide us if we don’t know we even have them? What are their names?  How do we reach them?  How do they communicate with us?  Why is it so complicated and difficult?

This week I was listening to a webinar that was supposed to get us in touch with our guides, maybe even learn their names.  One of the most profound things that came out of that webinar was that our guides don’t really care what we call them.  This wasn’t new to me. I’ve heard this before. If they’ve actually lived multiple lives, which name would they choose? Their last incarnation?  Their favorite incarnation?  So many questions. And, why would we need to use their names?  When we call on them, through our intention, would they be confused and say “Are you talking to me?”

None of the things I’ve done to try to get in contact with my guides has given the expected result. That is to visualize them, have them audibly speak to me, tell me their name, hear their voice. So, maybe it’s time to reset expectations. Maybe a few people get that kind of connection with their guides, but they are the exception, not the rule. It’s reminiscent of when I used to hear people say they heard from God.  Growing up in the church I’d hear all the time “God told me this.” or even “God told me to tell you this.”  Why wasn’t God talking to me? Then, when I’d ask people “Just how does God talk to you?” I’d almost always hear it was the same way my inner voice talked to me.  When I stopped expecting to hear God in a voice other than my own, I began to hear from God.  Maybe I’ve fallen into the same trap with my guide. Today in meditation, I decided to let go of all expectations of a miraculous connection with my guides and decided to just listen to my inner voice. And, it worked.  I immediately felt the connection.  I sat for half an hour getting a download that was very helpful.

Something that has been occurring to me several times this week is I’m working too hard.  Putting in too much effort. In an earlier guided meditation I did, the instruction was to accept all the feelings that I was feeling at the moment. Today, I decided to personify the “negative” feelings I’ve been having.  Anger, Fear, Worry and Hostility.  Instead of pushing them away, I visualized each of them to sit on a cushion next to me.  I addressed each one and I explained to them why I knew they were there and that they were justified in being there. Anger at my life not going the way I wanted it to go.  Fear of what the future holds if things stay on the course they are on.  Worry, closely related to fear, that nagging feeling of insecurity brought on by the absolute worst thing happening. What more could be in store? And hostility whenever anyone tries to put anything more on me. I’m at my breaking point as it is and trying to meet others’ expectations right now causes me to lash out. “Don’t you know I’m doing all I can just to keep breathing and you expect more?”  I addressed each one and invited them to sit and meditate for me. Just for this half hour, we’re going to set all of that aside and just sit on the cushion.

I was listening to some ambient music as I mediated.  Normally, half an hour is my limit and I’m really stretching to make it to that half hour.  My mind starts reminding me I have other things I need to do. Insights and inspirations come in (as they did this morning) and I want to get off of the cushion and start acting on them before they slip away. But, today, I got through the half hour and was a bit disappointed when the chimes said it was time to come back to the world.

I think maybe we make too much of reaching our guides. If they are there, it should be natural to hear from them in the way we need to hear from them. If you’re worried about hearing from them, my guess is you already are.  If you feel you need to know their name(s), just call them whatever you feel comfortable with.

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