Day 703- Birthday Afterglow

Wow.  Yesterday was a weird, magical day. I had a great dream visit with Shayna.  We had what appears to be our first apport.  (see yesterday’s entry).  The day flew by as I was extremely busy, i think maybe making some progress on the business. I’m cautiously optimistic. Then, when I was out to dinner with Tywana and Kayla we got a phone call with major news on the SoulPhone project.  The developers on the other side gave us a huge breakthrough that could significantly shorten the development timeline.  And, we got news on the financial front that could guarantee that we have the funds for all of the identified phases.

Last night, I had a dream visit with Chloe, our first baby.  Chloe is our miniature Schnauzer who passed in 2005.  In my dream, I was in my parents bedroom. They were there.  And, Stevie, our current fur baby was there.  I looked on the bed and I saw Chloe.  I figured no one else could see her because Chloe is dead.  I hesitated to pet her thinking everyone else would think I was crazy petting a dog that wasn’t there.  But, I did it anyway.  She rolled over on her back I rubbed her belly for a good long time. Then, my perspective shifted and I saw Chloe, isolated in what I guess is the astral plane.  Her face was reacting as if someone was petting her, but no one else was with her.

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