Day 714- Love Will Find A Way

Tonight, Kayla goes out with some high school friends for ice cream.  Tywana and I are watching Prison Break (the reboot) when she comes home. She is casually telling us about her time with her friends when she mentions her friend has gone to see a local psychic, Rose.

This name rings a bell with me.  There is a local psychic/medium who came across my radar over a year ago. She was at the Victory of Light expo.  I took her name down and kept it in a browser bookmark for months. My plan was to one day invite her to speak at a Helping Parent Heal meeting, after we had enough people to justify her time.  Then, I saw she was hosting a local platform demonstration where several mediums were demonstrating a variety of techniques.  The reading I got was a demonstration of someone reading marks left by a candle on a postcard.  One of the mediums took a green card and wafted it over a candle flame.  The flame produced  a purple heart on the card (among other random marks) and she gave me a reading from the marks. The reading was pretty generic.  Overall, Tywana and I were not that impressed with any of the readings.  So, I had pretty much forgotten about her.  When Kayla says her friend went to a psychic on Reed-Hartmann highway, I stop her and ask her some questions. This has to be the same Rose.

Kayla’s friend is a year older than Kayla, 21.  She went hoping to hear from her grandmother.  Instead, Rose- the medium said she had a young girl there.  This girl was giving off a sisterly spirit. Rose asked Krystal (let’s call her Krystal) if she had lost a sister. This is an interesting question to ask a 21 year old if you’re doing a cold reading.  A grandmother would have been a much better guess.  And for someone 21, even that isn’t a given.  Krystal said no.  She hadn’t lost a sister. Rose asked her if she had a friend who had lost a sister.  Again, she’s only 21. The odds she has a friend who lost a sister are higher, but still not really high.  She said yes, thinking of Shayna at this point. Rose told her this girl came through with really high energy and wanted to get a message to her family.  She said she had a message for her family. “Don’t worry about me. I’m all right.” She added “I’m watching over you.”  Then she said something about Dora the Explorer, a show the girls used to watch together. Shayna loved it. Kayla not so much.  She ended with “That’s it. Thank you.” and cheerfully skipped away.  Message delivered, time to move on.

This sounds so much like Shayna.  She wouldn’t have wanted to hog Krystal’s reading. She is articulate, but not a person of a lot of words. She took that opportunity to get a message through to us.  While I am convinced of her soul’s survival, it’s gratifying to know she’s still sticking around and still working on getting these messages through to us.

I love you, Shayna. Thanks, baby.

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