Day 715- Is the SoulPhone Cheating?

Someone asked :  What worries me is, if life is supposed to be a mystery since we don’t know the answers about the afterlife; how can the soul phone work?

I have had a similar thought cross my mind. But, two things. 1.) We have free will. I don’t think God will ever step in and stop us from doing anything from either destroying the planet to building a rocket ship that could take us to heaven.  Saying we can pump as much CO2 into the atmosphere as we humanly can and God will take care of it is misguided.  Similarly, thinking God will prevent us from developing any technology, i think is misguided.

2.) But, back to Divine Providence (what will be is intended to be).  There was a time when Mankind remembered who we were. There was no doubt about the afterlife. There was no doubt we were spiritual beings. This is from the very beginning of our species according to anthropologists.  People had all kinds of spiritual experiences and no one doubted them. Life was short and hard and death was pervasive, not hidden as it is now. Young people died, infants died. Death was seen as the great reward for a life well lived. It was life that was hard. Medicine, science, and technology flipped this. We became materialists largely in the last couple of hundred years of our existence. We began to doubt our very nature. We started clinging to this life as if that is all there is.  We dropped even the idea of reincarnation in the West. It was one and done.  Lights out.   Technology has effectively destroyed the natural spirituality of many of us.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if it was technology that woke us up? I think the SoulPhone (and other technologies) are just maybe  intended to get us back to where we were supposed to be. They won’t solve all of the problems of living on Earth. Earth school will still be a tough school.  Don’t worry that it’ll be too easy.

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