Day 717- 11:11

A few years ago my friend Annie started noting when she would see 11:11 on the clock. To me, 11:11 is a time that comes twice a day and the odds of me glancing at the clock at that time are approximately 1 in 2,400 (minutes) times the number of times a day I look at the clock. You can multiply that by 2 since there are two 11:11s in a day. But, then adjust for the fact I’m often in bed before 11:11 PM. So, the odds are not exactly astronomical, but they are fairly low.

Today a friend asks me if 11:11 means anything to me. I tell him about Annie. I have met several people lately who note 11:11 when they see it. Since Shayna passed, I acknowledge her when I see it.

In that same thread, a person said she was released from the hospital on 11/11/11. She had an NDE while in he hospital that led to her mediumistic abilities. She began seeing the clock at 11:11 often because it would stop at 11:11. We had a big, long discussion of 11:11.

As we’re watching TV, I’m feeling pretty tired at 8:30. I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep because we have been going to bed late and I wake up at the same time no matter when I go to bed. I’m thinking I’ll turn in around 10:00 tonight and read. But, at 10:00 Tywana says she wants to watch her recording of The Bachelorette. We watch a lot of the two hours, fast forwarding through parts. This is going to go until way past 11:00 I’m thinking. I want to go to bed. But, I always take the chance to hang our with Tywana and Kayla, so I stay up. Tywana grabs the remote during a commercial near the end of the program and hits the wrong button. She hands it to me to fix. I tell her I think we’ve seen enough of this episode. It’s nearly over. Let’s just head to bed. I take the dogs out and go upstairs. As I plug my phone in to charge for the night, the time pops up as it always does.

The time is 11:11. I kid you not. Pics or it didn’t happen, you say?

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