Day 724- Shayna’s Been Busy

After the signs this morning, Shayna decided to continue tonight. Kayla and I were headed off to bed. I was in my room reading. She was in her room. I heard her bedroom door open, as she came out of her room, at that moment, the ceiling fan light came on. The timing was odd. And, I glanced at the clock and it was exactly midnight. I got up, walked around the bed, got the remote off of Tywana’s nightstand and turned the light off. Immediately, within a second, it came back on. I turned it off again. Again, within a second, it was back on. So, now I’m thinking maybe it’s broken. But, why would the remote turn it off? Maybe I will have to take out the bulbs so I can sleep. For the third time I hit the button. This time I say “Stay off!” And it stays off.

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