Day 73-Through A Glass Darkly

As I continue this journey looking at so many sources of knowledge and wisdom and integrating them into my personal faith, I continue to be amazed at how science is catching up with faith and how so many faiths have known intuitively or through subjective experiences what science is just now figuring out. But, being a rationalist at heart, I cannot simply rely on faith. For me, faith can go beyond reason, but not counter to it. I love it when science can back up what I believe.

I view the world through different eyes now. Oh, physically they are the same old eyes that can’t see more than two feet without my contacts, but I see things differently. Einstein said you can either view everything as a miracle or nothing as a miracle. I have gone from the latter to the former. There are no coincidences, there are synchronicities. A butterfly buzzing around a flower is something I stop to notice now. As I was walking with Bill a couple of days ago telling him about my spiritual journey, we stopped near a bed of flowers. I had to pause the conversation to point the butterfly out to him because I just wanted to observe it for a moment. I heard a guy who had an NDE and as he left his body, he saw a plant in the room and could see the plant’s energy field. He said he could detect the plant’s intentions for him. Since coming back from that he does not pass a plant without stopping to admire it because he believes the plant will send him positive intentions for sending positive intentions to it. I know, pretty woo woo stuff. That’s what Kayla thought when I shared with her, but wait… We know from scientific research that plants respond positively to being spoken to kindly. Plants respond positively to certain types of music. We also know people who have had NDEs report colors they have never seen, sounds they have never heard and a vibrational energy being given off by every object in the planes they visit. Now, we know there are colors below the low frequency of red, that our human eyes cannot see. There are colors beyond ultraviolet on the other end that we cannot see. There are sounds above and below the frequencies these ears can hear. Radio waves and microwaves pass around and through us, all undetected. When you think about it, much of what exists right in front of us and all around us totally invisible and undetectable to our extremely limited senses. Go outside, look around and try to imagine the colors you can’t see, the sounds you can’t hear and God knows what else is going out that is invisible to you.

I have been hearing that Heaven isn’t somewhere else. It’s not far off. We know now it’s not just above the clouds as the ancients thought. Science seems to be leading in the direction that is in different dimension, as in a vibrational frequency. A parallel universe if you will that we cannot detect here. If we could match our vibrational frequency to that, we would disappear from here and appear there. Just as an aside. Electrons phase in and out of our universe and no one knows where they go when they “disappear”. What appears to be solid and stable to us is actually pulsing in and out of existence.

While in this body, we are very much limited by our five senses. It’s all we can remember and we have come to rely on them for telling us about reality and the nature of the universe. That’s all well and good when it comes to getting thought the day and keeping alive, but keep in mind, we see through a glass darkly. Our senses are missing a massive piece of even what is in this realm. Who knows what lies beyond?

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