Day 738- Little Coincidences

Sometimes life brings us big signs. Sometimes it’s interesting to notice the little things, which I am more and more. When Tywana and I were in Florida a couple of months ago, we ate at a placed called Taziki’s.  We liked it so much that we ate there two nights in a row.  Last Friday I was having lunch with a friend at another Mediterranean restaurant and I mentioned Taziki’s to him. I had heard one was going to open close to here and I wondered when that was going to happen or if maybe it already had. That night, another friend posted on Facebook she had just had lunch at… Taziki’s for the first time. Oh, I guess it’s open.

Then, last night I was at dinner with a different friend and his conversation kept coming back to this pizza place in Mason that shares a building with a Greek restaurant.  My friend is famous for his story telling ability.  Sometimes it takes him a while to get to the point. For some reason, he kept circling back around to tell me about this pizza place and how no one parks on their side of the building, but the Greek place is always packed.  OK. I got it. The pizza place isn’t doing well.  Is that the point? Then, he tells me the Greek place has a really interesting story about the owner.  OK… got it.  Maybe that’s the point.  So, as we’re going out to the car, I happen to mention to him that there is a Mediterranean restaurant I heard has opened here and it’s called Taziki’s.  In fact, we would have gone there tonight had I not had a buy one get one at BJ’s Brewhouse and it was expiring on Sunday.  He looks at me and says “That’s the name of the Greek place I was telling you about- Taziki’s”

p.s.- the place we had dinner is a place where I have a rewards membership and it’s really easy to pay your bill from their app. The moment the server enters my membership number, the bill appears on my phone and I can pay by Apple Pay. Service was extremely slow last night and I was getting tired of sitting there waiting for our server.  So, when the bill popped up, i just paid the whole thing instead of splitting it with my friend.  I wish I could afford to always just pick up the check.  So, anyway, he’s saying he’ll pay me back later. I say whenever. It wasn’t a huge check and we’re good friends. No big deal.  Tywana was out at dinner with some friends. When she comes home she tells me their service was horrible. So, their entire meal, including dessert was comped.  So, I’ve already been paid back.

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