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Day 760- Here With Me

The last couple of days I have had the REO Speedwagon song “Here with Me” on my mind.  I’ve been listening mostly to podcasts on my walks so I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to it.  Today, the first podcast I listen to is on animal communication and how animals often give us lessons.  I look for animal behavior as signs from Shayna and have had a lot from various birds, dragonflies, etc.  I’m thinking about the lessons, Chloe, Zoe and Stevie have taught me and I’m expressing gratitude to them.

I listen to a second podcast and have about 15 minutes left in my walk when it ends. I ask Siri to play REO Speedwagon and she goes through my catalog of REO in alphabetical order. As “Don’t Let Him Go is playing I wonder if I’ll get to “Here With Me”.  Then, “Here With Me” starts to play just as I reach the intersection at the bottom of the hill below my house.  I look up and I spot this guy standing there in front of me on the sidewalk staring at me. I try to snap a picture but low hanging tree branches are blocking the camera as I approach and he starts to move because I’m walking straight towards him on the sidewalk.  He walks across the street and stops to look back at me. I switch to video mode, hoping to catch a glimpse of him.  He continues to move away from me a few steps at a time, stopping and looking back at me. Finally, he sprints away.  Here is the video:

I go back to the beginning of the song and listen to the words.

I can hear your voice
Promising your love will never die
I can feel your golden skin on mine
Beneath the desert sky
So how can it be true
How can you just turn and let me go
Let the story of your life with mine
Forever go untold

I can take these words to bed with me
And hold on to them at night
They can erase the emptiness
And make everything alright
Cause your laughter and your tenderness
Will never disappear
No matter where you are tonight
A part of you is here with me

As the tears stop flowing, I look up to see a cardinal land in the neighbor’s yard as I’m passing it.  Yeah. She is still here with me.

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