Day 82- All Roads Lead Home

I was watching a Wayne Dyer movie the other day and he used the analogy of a baby in a womb and how all of the baby’s needs are taken care of for that first nine months, there is nothing to do and it all works out.  Then, he says perhaps it’s like that spiritually after we are born physically.  Then today I am listening to a YouTube video as I’m driving to pick up Kayla.  The guy is talking about why our loved ones don’t communicate with us more after they are gone and guess what analogy he uses for our time here on this Earth- that’s right, it’s like being in the womb. He compares us to the baby in the womb in that we get muffled sounds from the outside (other side) and no images. We don’t speak the language yet.  And, we have to stay in the womb and develop until we are ready to emerge into the world.  

This got me thinking (first of all there is that synchronicity thing again. Two analogies about the womb in the space of two days).  But, more importantly, I spend so much time worrying about life. What’s going to happen next? What’s going to happen in five years? In ten years?  In twenty years? I’m walking this path and I don’t know how long it is.  I don’t know if the wind will ever be at my back. I don’t know if the sun will shine or it will rain.  I don’t know how much of it is uphill (like it is now).  But, I do know one thing. The only that is guaranteed and it’s a good thing. The path leads Home.   Ultimately, in not too many years, I will be Home. I will see Shayna again. I will be born into what I truly am.  Nothing can prevent that.  Nothing can separate me from that ultimate destiny.  I will get there.  And that, is a truly comforting thought.  

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