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Day 821- You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

Last night, I was scrolling through Facebook and came across a memory from three years ago.  It was Shayna and Kayla at the first family weekend Kayla had at UT.  In fact, it would be the only one Shayna would attend, in the flesh.  I look at pictures of Shayna all day every day from my screensaver on my computer, to my lock screen on my phone, to her pictures in the foyer. But, some pictures impact me more than others. I hadn’t seen this one in a while. She is staring straight into the camera with those eyes that could pierce my soul, and it brought me immediately to tears.  Man, do I miss her. Most of the time it’s tolerable at this point. But, there are those moments…

As I always do, I said good night to her as I stepped out onto the deck to let the dogs out for the night.  I usually say good night to her as I close the bedroom door, as I did when she was going to sleep down the hall.  But, I seemed to hear her say to me “Why do you tell me good night?”.

A couple of days ago I was in a video meeting with James Van Praagh.  He said that every night as we sleep our spirits slip out of our bodies. I’ve heard this before. This is the time when we visit with our loved ones, and our guides. This is the time when we “dream”. We don’t remember most of this. Sleep is a funny thing.  We think of it as a time for the body to rest. But, why would the body need to rest? And when we’re asleep, it’s not like the body is off.  Lots of stuff is going on in the body. Most processes continue right through our sleep. In some ways, in some states of sleep, our brains are actually more active than when we are awake. One theory I have heard of why we sleep is being in this body is hard for our spirits. Sleep isn’t a time for our body to rejuvenate, it’s time for our spirits to rejuvenate. We take little trips Home every night to recharge, plan, visit, and recuperate. We just don’t remember them. When I woke this morning, I had the distinct impression I was with Shayna during my sleep, but I have no memory of it.

I’ll probably continue to say good night to Shayna every night.  It’s a habit at this point. But, instead of saying goodbye, I should probably be saying hello.

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